“…I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…”

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For those of you readers who call your home the south (most of you, I assume), I doubt any of you will be taken aback when I tell you that this beautiful wintry wood-scape was not photographed up North or out West.  Actually, it was taken South and East (of my home in Madison, AL, anyway), in Atlanta, GA this past weekend.  The surprising thing about this photo, is that it wasn’t taken on the outskirts of the city, on the edge of some suburban neighborhood; rather, this pic was shot 5 minutes from downtown Atlanta (“ITP” as my bff TRH likes to say!) not far from Emory University.  These woods are right behind our friends’ home and were really stunning with all the snow!


Our First Father-Son Adventure

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My son is becoming such a little boy; his desire to move and explore is not even slightly hindered by fear or caution.  In understanding this, and against his mother’s advice, I hoisted him on my shoulders yesterday.  I was glad that Bri got to see his huge smile as he realized that his new perch made him the tallest cat in the room (no doubt a big deal for a baby only 2 feet tall!).  However, seeing as how I was doing the work that prompted the smile, I thought it a bit unfair that I wasn’t able to see, so, I decided that this shoulder-hoist would also involve a journey.  I grabbed Cooper’s hands (to prevent him from grabbing my hair and attempt to “steer” me “Ratatouille style”) and off we went.  I made sure to duck beneath any door frames, lest our adventure land us in the emergency room (or the dog house).  Cooper was having a blast and was smiling from ear to ear (technically, this is an assumption, seeing that I couldn’t actually see his face).

Our journey ended in the bathroom, where a giant mirror revealed exactly what I expected to see: a smiling little boy.  As I looked at him through the mirror I began talking too him and slowly bouncing up and down.  This resulted in not only bigger smiles, but also laughter, first him, then me.  We then traveled into the bedroom to show mom our new fun “trick.”  I took a picture, but not with my camera.  A part of me is sorry that I only have words for you, but a bigger part of me is glad I get to keep this picture all to myself.

The Thinkin’ Bench

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Sometimes, you just need some time.  Time to sit and think…reflect…process. I don’t really have much of this time;  you see, as most of you know, I am a talker- and when I’m alone, I’m a listener (to music, of course- which almost always leads to me also being a singer).  However, rarely do I ever just sit and think.  When spring comes along I will hope to spend several hours a week on my road bike- this used to be good thinkin’ time, until I started putting 1 earbud in my left ear (non-traffic side, mom- don’t worry).  The music was a welcome addition to my rides as it provided not only distraction, but also motivation and pacing. That said, despite my yearning for thinkin’ time, the earbud is staying in, and thus my need for thinkin’ time is still present.

When I look at this photo, my eyes  follow  the planks and I want so badly just  to sit on the bench (although, I don’t really want to sit on that bench- it was wet and flimsy, trust me- all I would be able to think about was how I hoped it didn’t break) and stare out into the blanket of fog and….think.  What would I think about?  Lots of things.  Like my first 6 months of being a father.  I would think about our plans for the future.  I need to spend some time processing how blessed I truly am and what that really means.  No, I wouldn’t think about biking, photography, or just how stinking great my son is- I probably think about those three things too much as it is…..Ok, so maybe one or two thoughts about biking,  photography, Cooper- I mean, I can’t just turn it off, you know?  But seriously, there is so much to think about and seemingly so little time to do it.

I resolve to do more of this kind of “thinkin” this year (some of you are hoping I’ll do more of several kinds of “thinkin” this year); and hopefully, I will be a better man for having done it.

Shifting Gears

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The two most important people in my life are about to be able to spend even more time with each other.  No, I’m not talking about my road and mountain bikes (not this time, anyway),  I’m talking about my wife and son.  As of 5pm this evening, Breezy is hanging up her professional cloak and donning the cloaks of a full-time mom.  This is a decision that she and I have labored over for the past few months- we are both so excited and thankful that God has blessed us with this opportunity.  We are confident that this will allow our family more flexibility and less stress- two things that seem hard to find this day and age.

Bri- I couldn’t be more proud of you and for you.  You are a wonderful mother to Cooper and a wonderful wife to me.  I can’t wait to witness and experience the adventures, both big and small, that you, Cooper and I will have in the coming months and years.  I love you so very much and I am delighted that today has arrived.


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Taken in San Francisco in one of the markets at the Ferry Building.

Just Plain Funny

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Sometimes, the emotion of a photograph overrides composition, lighting, and even focus. for me, this is one of those photos.  I ran across it last night.  It makes me laugh.


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This was taken in Baja, Mexico, just outside Ensenada.  Isn’t it interesting how we all visualize Jesus as a white man?