Tsali By The Numbers

A numerical analysis of my best bike trip to date.

6-guys on the trip

4- number os snakes we saw on the trails

40- miles of trails Tsali has to offer

70-miles I rode

8-different rides

6.5-average hours of sleep per night

27- weight of the domestic cat (in pounds) one campsite over from us

40- highest percent chance of rain for the weekend

0- amount of rain we got

32- low temp (wednesday night)

81- high temp (Saturday afternoon)

74- inches pf pizza consumed saturday night (3 18-inch and 2 10-inch)

22-YooHoo’s consumed (12 ounce cans)

100 x 60- size in feet of “MegaTarp”- the unbelievably large tarp some guys at the campground used as a shelter

5-tents between our 2 campsites

555- pictures taken (just by me)-

4.5- frames per second my camera will shoot- hence the number above)

7000- approximation of calories burned (just by me) while riding.

it should be noted that there were several occurrences that could not be numbered but should be mentioned.  these include (but not limited to): number of times I inaccurately predicted the length of a climb, number of cramps one member (unnamed) had on friday’s rides, number of climbs which involved “granny gears,” cumulative amount of mud caked on our bikes, legs, clothes, and gear after the whole weekend, and the amount of  silly grins on our faces due to crazy fun sections of trail.

pictures to follow soon.


~ by maharreybe on May 3, 2010.

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